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This installation-performance began with an exploration of individual and collective responses to the word BURIED.


Buried memories, buried secrets, buried mistakes, buried bodies, buried suffering, buried evidences, buried treasures.


It is a place of silence and contemplation. “Buried” honors those who were lost and buried before their time.

Artist residency from September 16th, up to September 20th of 2019


Performances - September 21th of 2019 / October 05th, 12th and 13th of 2019


Concept and Direction: Jill Greenhalgh (Wales) in collaboration with Thaís Medeiros (Brazil)


Performance: Thais Medeiros


Musician: Ivan Medeiros


Vila Itororó, House 8, São Paulo

Photography: Júlia Pontés


Projected video: Jill Greenhalgh and Thaís Medeiros

PRODUCTION and REALIZATION // Coletivo Galeria Gruta, Instituto Goethe São Paulo and City Hall of São Paulo


CULTURAL SUPPORT // Vila Itororó, Centro Cultural Olido, ResolveJá, Terras Nikson and Ibis Budget


INTERNATIONAL NETWORK // The Magdalena Project

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