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Coletivo Galeria Gruta, wich was established by Thaís Medeiros in 2008, is an independent astists' network focused on meetings and artistic practices, originated by the desire and need to research and create scenic experiments and instigate/challenge artistic and cultural exchanges, occupying public and pivate spaces.
The Coletivo walks along the borders among theater, performance and visual arts, dialoguing with languages and working on political and existential themes.
Its objective is to create a collaborative network of scenic research and experimentation, to promote art in a decentralized way, wanting to bring the sensitive sphere to the present moment… Art can bring us this time.
The humanity's memory is engraved in the gorttos, our ancestry in the art form. We strive for art as an inner expression, listening to personal memories and experiences.
Grotto generates, nourishes, creates… Grotto is surrounded by mysteries, fold. Grotto is a sacred place of "religare" (reconnecting) with the divine and with the history of mankind. Grotto provides shelter and refuge, generates a safe environment for creation, for gestation, for rituals… The Coletivo intends to provide this moment, this shelter, refuge and awareness for artistic rituals.
Since its creation, the Coletivo Galeria Gruta has carried out interventions, exhibitions, performances and concerts, occupying public spaces, as well as participating and conducting national and international exhibitions and festivals. Through its actions, the Coletivo has formed an affective and professional network that has been growing and, in addition to producing art and culture, it promotes dialogues/exchanges with the city and artists from various areas of activity and nationalities.


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