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Coletivo Galeria Gruta invited eight artists to occupy (together with Ulysses Sanchez and Thaís Medeiros from CGG) several spaces at the entrance to CPTM's Utinga station. The project curated by Ulysses Sanchez is an exhibition with various graffiti works and other forms of urban art where the artists produced their work live on January 20th and 21st, 2024 and their works are on display on the pre-selected walls of the station.

Location: CPTM Utinga Station, Av Industrial access entrance

Address: Av da Paz (no number) - Santo André – SP


The exhibition

The idea that guided me in the development of this project was to bring together different styles of urban art in this incredible and inspiring area of CPTM's Utinga station, and take the station's visitors by storm with new works by renowned artists in the artistic world and in the world of art. graffiti. The project seeks to bring the work of art closer to people by inserting the interventions around a hundred meters walk from the station entrance. The goal is to transform your daily life even for a few moments, impacting everyone in a positive way.

Initially the project brought more artists but throughout the process we adapted the exhibition, which was modeled on the current configuration.

Everything was built with great care and a bit of a “do it yourself” philosophy and all the artists were very generous contributing to this achievement.


This production was worked on by several hands, and along the way we managed to form partnerships with these incredible companies that believed in the project and decided to support us in this endeavor :)

And the rest are stories recorded with lots of paint and glue on the station walls!

Ulysses Sanchez


Conception and curation: Ulysses Sanchez

Production Director: Ivan Medeiros

Photo: Edgar Bueno

Video: Bueno Filmes

Web designer: Fil Alencar

Graphic designer: Ulysses Sanchez and Luan Nunes

Media relations : Jéssica Bitencourt and Aline Porfírio

Production: Coletivo Galeria Gruta

Cultural Support

CPTM | MCFLU Analítica Radiola Pizzaria

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