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Cores e Traços da Origem (2021)

Urban intervention

The urban intervention Cores e Traços da Origem conceived by the actress and visual artist Thaís Medeiros intends to claim and appropriate the city as a space not only for art, but also to cast a glance and a reflection on one of our origins from images and chants transcribed from the Brazilian indigenous tradition.


Bringing the rescue of the memory space through images and indigenous writing to the concrete, the urban, the civilized is a challenge and a possibility to create a poetic experience, another reality to dialogue with the spectators.


This intervention brings together works in silkscreen and acrylic on canvas, inspired by some images of the spirit of the people of the forest of various ethnicities, in their songs and in their language that reveal the artist's search for the ancestry of the Brazilian people through colors, shapes , drawings and words, inviting the viewer to open spaces, create gaps to see, feel and reflect on indigenous cultures.


In the intervention, each performer moves through the public space with a work from the series Cores e Traços da Origin with the intention of provoking a dialogue with passersby. The performers carry the voices and songs of current indigenous leaders of various ethnicities, creating in the urban space a time/space to see, hear and reflect on their claims for the demarcation of lands, a request for protection against projects that could cause a new indigenous genocide. , against the invasion of their lands by miners and against the destruction of nature, of forests…  


The intervention Cores e Traços da Origem was carried out in 2013 on Avenida Paulista in the city of São Paulo. It is an offshoot of the exhibition of the same name held at the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo in 2011.



Urban intervention Cores e Traços da Origem

Date: 27 June 2021

Location: Elevado João Goulart (Minhocão) // Praça Roosevelt, São Paulo, Brazil


Design and Works: Thais Medeiros

With: Dani Nunes, Eliane Diniz, Ivan Medeiros, Ivani Andrade, Solange Akierman, Thais Medeiros and Valdir Ferreira

Technical Support: Ulysses Sanchez

Photography: Edgar Bueno

Video capture: Fil Alencar

Video editing: GB DRONES


Production and Direction: Collective Galeria Gruta


Works inspired by photos by Rodrigo Petrella and Pedro Martinelli; Text from the work Gaobub - book “Voices from the Origin” by Betty Mindlin and Suruí Paiter narrators

This project has the support of the Aldir Blanc Law in the city of São Paulo, the Municipal Department of Culture/Municipal City Hall of São Paulo and the Federal Government


*This intervention was carried out following all the guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus (Covid-19) recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) and health bodies

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