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Brazilian Indian

Urban intervention

Indian Gound Blood


The Índio Brasileiro is an urban intervention (“Brazilian Indian”, freely translated from Portuguese) that was carried out on April 19th, 2014 at São Paulo downtown, in the vicinity of the Municipal Theater, Chá Viaduct and Peixoto Gomide st.


The intervention is another "chapter" of the Cores e Traços da Origem series, an exhibition by actress and artist Thaís Medeiros held at ALESP in 2011. The image is inspired by a photo by Rodrigo Petrella


The intervention “Indio Brasileiro” occupies the city and seeks an affective reconnection with indigenous cultures, our memory and with the people present in the urban perimeter. The action intend is to open small landscapes, trails, poetry in the city's daily life.


It intends to cause a look, a time, as well as reflections on and questions about indigenous cultures and the attacks that native peoples suffer in their territories in Brazil.


A cry in the city, an occupation attitude, presence and resistance against genocide and ethnocide.

What is your active or passive participation in these acts?


Contemporaneity destroying our culture, our origin and the territories of the forest people…


What do you feel when you see cars passing over the image of the Brazilian Indignous? Are you afraid that passing cars will make it disappear?


What is it for you? Indigenous, ground, blood...

–”What does that mean?”

– I admire but I don't have the courage…

– Are you going to say something?

– Why are you doing this?

– No...



Creation and concept: Thais Medeiros


With Camila Simoni, Daniele Nunes, Fábio Assunção, Ivan Medeiros, Patricia Moino, Thaís Medeiros and Ulysses Sanchez.


Photography: Rodrigo de Jesus and Johnny Macedo


Production and Direction: Coletivo Galeria Gruta


The image is inspired by a photo by Rodrigo Petrella

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