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Magdalena Occupation Vila Itororó 2019

International Meeting of Women in the Performing Arts “Tradition and Ruins”

Artistic residency and international meeting of women in the performing arts created by the actress and visual artist Thaís Medeiros, organized by Coletivo Galeria Gruta and Goethe-Institut São Paulo in partnership with the City Hall of São Paulo.
It was carried out from September to December of 2019 at Vila Itororó,in São Paulo. That is a project linked to The Magdalena Project, a dynamic and intercultural network of women from theater and performance. This meeting was focused on female artistic production of performing arts. It was idealized from the urgency and need to create spaces for women from different cultures and artistic activities to exchange ideas and proposals and strengthen each other in the expression of their voices. Its objective is to provide a time and space for meeting and exchange among women artists, valuing the contribution of women in research and artistic creation.
Vila Itororó is a fertile space to create actions and reflections with the voices of women artists, dialoguing with this moment of transition between construction and ruins with the people who pass through and around it.  

Traditions and Ruins

When I got in Vila Itororó, I saw the ruins,and the outward ruins also mirroed my inner ruins. The power and beauty of the outward ruins also revelated the power and beautyof my inner ruins.
How much history is there in a ruin?
How to restore, recover what is 
dissolving itself into stones?
I came back after two years and found myself between the 
ruins and the construction/restoration of the village…
How much history can be dreamed up and told in the ruins under construction?
Vila Itororó… An open site... 
Everything here is under construction: its past, contradictory stories, ruins, memories...
A space under construction just like the 
space of women artists' voices from 
both, past and future.”
We women grew up amidst traditions of invisibility, in the ruins of these violations, 
we grow up on cultivate land, so we take possession of our own bodies and voices to cross those borders and overcome, restor ourselves… 
Everything in our voices is constant 
construction and expansion
Reclaiming possession or mastery of something lost in traditions and ruins...
This action / artistic residence is an invitation to women artists to create a space/time between tradition and ruins in the Vila Itororó’s open site 
with their voices, their artistic feelings / job.
In times of crisis, setbacks, it becomes 
urgently that we provoke meetings to occupy the spaces to express, nourish and inspire ourselves. These encounters encourage us to occupy our own bodies and dreams for ourselves. 
shifting in a poetic time/space.”

Thaís Medeiros 
Ocupação Magdalena artistic director



PRODUCTION COORDINATION // Thaís Medeiros, Ivan Medeiros Masocatto and Karine Legrand

EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION // Coletivo Galeria Gruta and Francesca Tedeschi

TECHNICAL COORDINATION // Ulysses Sanchez and Ivan Medeiros Masocatto 


VISUAL IDENTITY // Thaís Medeiros

GRAPHIC DESIGNER // Ulysses Sanchez

PHOTOGRAPHY // Tatiana Mito

VIDEO // Anna Julia Santos 

REALIZATION // Coletivo Galeria Gruta, Goethe Institut São Paulo and São Paulo City Hall

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK // The Magdalena Project

SUPPORT // Vila Itororó, Centro Cultural Olido, Casa Constantina, Resolve Já, Terras Nikson, Flow Creative Core and Ibis Budget

This project was carried out by Coletivo Galeria Gruta in partnership with the Goethe-Institut São Paulo, Centro Cultural Vila Itororó and the City Hall of São Paulo. The video editing has the support of the Aldir Blanc Law in the city of São Paulo, of the Municipal Secretariat of Culture/São Paulo City Hall and the Federal Government.


The Magdalena Project  


Text Thaís Medeiros // The Magdalena Project

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