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Quarantine Manifest

Quarantena Manifesto ("Manisfesto Quarentine", freely tranlated from Portuguese) is a cry of resistance, it is a hail of the woman and the artist in these strange times... 
A time when the performer's presence and her meeting with people are not possible...
A time when a virus bars us from celebrating rites...
A time when domestic violence increases among four walls...
This video is another "chapter" of the Performance-Instalação Tapete Manifesto. A poetic manifesto's violence against women theme, that was born on the streets of São Paulo in 2013.
It was recorded at home, using a cell phone camera, during quarantine (by Covid-19), in April 2020.



Concept and Performance – Thais Medeiros
Recording – Ivan Medeiros
Edition – Thais Medeiros & Ivan Medeiros
Production – Ulysses Sanchez
Realization: Coletivo Galeria Gruta

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