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Tapete Manifesto

A performance-installation created and directed by Thaís Medeiros brings to the scene a reflection about violence against women as well as the massification and vulgarization of death nowadays. A symbolic procession, a poetic scenic manifesto, inspired by the devotion rugs (as the rugs carried out during Corpus Christi celebration), against the tragic tradition of murder women in Brazil.

It is a poetic ritual, an attempt to, from the space of performance, sacralize the lives of women who were raped and murdered, creating a new reality at the time of making the art job. A rite of transformation of violence into poetry and the empowerment of women.The dramaturgy of the performance was developed based on statistics, news and personal testimonies from the participants.


Tapete Manifesto is part of the documentary/serie Causando na Rua by the filmmaker Tata Amaral and participated of several national and international festivals, among them: TRANSIT IX, Hostebro, Denmark; Magdalena Muenchen Saison, Munich, Germany; Ocupação Magdalena Vila Itororó, SP; 13th Mundo de Mulheres & Fazendo Gênero 11, Florianópolis, SC; Festival Internacional Multicidade – The Magdalenas Project, Rio de Janeiro, RJ; SPARK, Alfenas, MG; and Ocupação Cena Aberta FUNARTE, Arena Theater Eugênio Kusnet, São Paulo, SP. The performance was also presented at Teatro SESC Garagem, Brasília, SESC Pompeia and SESC Sto Amaro.

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