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Triptych: Bones, Red Lipstick and Hamlet

A woman, a black tissue, a chair...

She leans left 

Oppositions and exhibitions, feet, hands on the ground

Bones, bones, bones, 3x bones

Barefeet, sun on face, feet

Even when the sun dies she'll hear its bones...

Performance-Installation by Thaís Medeiros that poeticly addresses existential themes of death / life, being or not being in contemporary. Na artistic job Inspired by the characters Hamlet/Ophelia from the work of William Shakespeare and by poems and personal experiences that refer to the same theme. It is a scenic experiment that seeks a dialogue, an intertwining between theatrical poetics and the visual arts.
Thaís Medeiros is part of The Magdalena Project, thats is an international, dynamic and intercultural network of women in theater and performance, and was invited to participate in a 3-month artistic residency at the renowned Villa Waldberta in Munich, Germany in 2018, where she executed and presented many works of her authorship, among them the performance and workshop Tapete Manifesto with artists from Germany and other countries and the performance Tríptico: Ossos, Batom Vermelho e Hamlet ("Triptych: Bones, Red Lipstick and Hamlet" freely translated from Portuguese) presented at the HochX and Meta Theater.
This performance was presented in 2019 at TRANSIT IX (main festival of The Magdalena Project network) at the head office of Odin Teatret in Denmark and during Ocupação Magdalena organized by Coletivo Galeria Gruta in partnership with the Goethe Institute at Vila Itororó, in São Paulo.


Creation and Performance – Thais Medeiros
Sound and Video Operator: Ivan Medeiros
Executive Production: Ivan Medeiros and Thais Medeiros
Production Coordination: Ulysses Sanchez
Music: Devon Glover and Helen Chadwick
Voice: Helen Chadwick
Video Edition: Anna Júlia Santos
Production and Direction: Coletivo Galeria Gruta

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