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Thaís Medeiros - fine arts 
silkscreen and acrylic works on canvas and murals in mixed media

Bailarina Movimento 1, 2, 3... (mural)

Works in mixed media - wheat-paste, stencil and acrylic on paper inspired by "Little Ballerina of Fourteen Years", by Edgar Degas.

This series is an offshoot of the award-winning series of the same name, which has been shown in several individual and collective exhibitions since 2005.

Lambe Manifesto

Este projeto é um desdobramento da performance-instalação Tapete Manifesto, de 2013, de autoria de Thaís Mederos, que trata do tema da violência contra a mulher e já foi apresentada na Alemanha, Dinamarca, e em várias regiões do Brasil como Brasília (DF), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Florianópois (SC), Alfenas (MG), etc.

Movimento 1,2,3...

Silkscreen and acrylic works on canvas inspired by Edgar Degas' "Little Four-Year-Old Ballerina".

They are compositions, interactions between painting, drawing and words with active brushstrokes of vibrant and soft hues.

This series was already shown in 2010 at the Conjunto Nacional Cultural Space, São Paulo metro stations, at the Reserva Cultural de Cinema and at the Café Martinelli Midi Cultural Space, in the center of São Paulo; Some works from this series also participated in group shows and were awarded awards, such as at the ACSP Pinheiros Art Salon and in international group shows such as the Luxembourg International Contemporary Art Exhibition (by Galerie Bresil), and the Lauderdale House Cultural Center, London.

Cores e Traços da Origem

Works in silk screen printing, digital printing and acrylic on canvas inspired by images of Brazilian Indians, songs, myths and the indigenous language, which reveal the artist's vision of the ancestry of the Brazilian people through colors, shapes, drawings and words, inviting the viewer to feel and reflect on its origins. This individual was already held at the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo in 2011, in 2015 at the São Paulo metro stations: Corinthians – Itaquera, Sacomã, Tiradentes and Paraíso, and also comprised the Intervention Cores e Traços da Origem, held on Avenida Paulista in 2013, and in 2021 at Elevado João Goulart and Pça Roosevelt.

The works “Índio Brasileiro 5” and “Índio Brasileiro” respectively won a Silver Medal at the Lauderdale House Cultural Center (London) by the Instituto Cultural Século e Arte, and a Gold Medal at the 22nd ACSP Art Salon.

*Images inspired by photos by Rodrigo Petrella and Pedro Martinelli; Text of the work Gaobub - book “Vozes da Origem” by Betty Mindlin and narrators Suruí Paiter


This series in silkscreen and acrylic on canvas was already shown in 2010 at the Espaço Cultural Conjunto Nacional, and at the Reserva Cultural de Cinema, both spaces in São Paulo, SP.

According to critic and journalist Oscar D’Ambrosio, “Thaís Medeiros conceives of art as a mechanism for reflection. By exploring the possibilities of a body, whether in dance or in reclining nudes, he indicates that the work of a creator is to deepen research and verticalize proposals. His work, when constituted as a visual expression, asks what each person does with their own existence”.

The work "Latitude no Verde" was exhibited in 2010 as Hors Concours at the 23rd ACSP Pinheiros Art Salon, São Paulo, SP.